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Starting as a one-man operation in 1957, JPMaal & Co. N.V. is now a leading importer and wholesaler, covering the islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curašao.

Joseph Pieter Maal, or Joss as he was known, was a very sociable person who found great pleasure in helping others. He worked out of a small office, selling canned corned beef on an independent basis for Compa˝Ýa swift de la Plata in Argentina and later on pickled pork products in plastic pails from the USA and canned butter from Australia. He did not have to worry about employees nor business trucks, getting by with his business sense and people's skills.

The late seventies were a time of change for the company. In 1977 the bussiness was incorporated and Sergio A. Leon, the present owner, joined the company. By that time, J.P. Maal was seriously ill, and died in December of that year. In 1979, the shopping center that housed the company's warehouse and offices burned to the ground, forcing J.P. Maal and Co. to begin from scratch again.

Using the remains of the shopping center, a new warehouse was erected within three months time.

Part of this building may still be seen at the current location of J.P. Maal and Co.

In 1980, J.P. Maal and Co. reached a turning point. On its first visit to a Food Show in Puerto Rico, the company came in contact with Mr. Peter Sill, now employed at Hunt Wesson International. Still advised the company that the food business was moving from canned goods to frozen and refrigerated items. The company has since grown from one truck and a driver to deliver products to its customers to an operation comprised of 14 delivery trucks, seven of which are refrigerated. There are now 36 employees in Curašao and 14 in Aruba. J.P. Maal and Co. built its first freezer in 1981 and have been steadily increasing and improving its facilities ever since.

J.P. Maal and Co. built its first freezer in 1981 and have been steadily increasing and improving its facilities ever since. The Company now has a capacity of 1,200 metric tons of frozen and chilled food products. Its storage facilities now include a 2,800 square foot main dry storage warehouse, a 5,850 square foot dry storage picking warehouse, 7,000 square foot freezer capacity and 600 square foot air conditioning storage. With a 3,800 square foot office also taken into account, it is easy to recognize the Company's significant influence on the island's business.
The Company continues expanding its operations, following its ambitious statement: "To create a value for every client through supreme quality, excellent service and profitable long-lasting relationships".
in order to increase its volume of sales, the company founded J.P. Maal Aruba N.V. in 1993, and now has a sub distributor, Tropical Flamingo, that distributes its products on the small island of Bonaire. In December 1997, J.P. Maal and Co. bought an ice cream distribution company that imports and sells ice cream from Belgium under the brand name "Ysco".
Demonstrating its diverse nature and emphasis on service, J.P. Maal and Co. N.V. now to supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, auto parts stores, gasoline stations, drugstores and institutions. Restaurants include such big fast food names as Kentucky Fried Chicken, Wendy's, and Pizza Hut.
Its products include processed meats, concentrated juices, beef, pork, poultry, yogurts, dog food, canned and frozen vegetables, ethnic foods, spices, bakery products, tomato products, ice cream, packaging materials, seafood, oils and shortenings and cheese and dairy products.
Currently the new freezer facility in Aruba is being completed and the building of a warehouse club in Curašao will start in 2002 in order to offer even better service and increase the window of opportunity to promote its products.
The team-atmosphere the company fosters, is shown by the support for its pride and joy, the SWIFT softball team. The squad has been in existence since 1972 , and has been sponsored by J.P. Maal and Co. since 1979. The organization consists of 49 members that play and compete against teams in two different leagues, the "Liga Van Engelen" for men 25-39 and the "Liga 40" for men over 40 years of age.
Swift softball team emphasizes social events, but takes competition very seriously. J.P. Maal and Co. proudly displays its many trophies in its conference room. They have played in the USA, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Aruba and Bonaire. It is this community atmosphere that sets J.P. Maal and Co. apart from its competitors. The company genuinely cares for its customers and goes out of its way to satisfy their needs in an environment where this special attention is not always the case. The company also demonstrates a willingness to find products that may not be in their regular inventory, to go the extra mile for its customers.
Orders are filled promptly, with orders placed in the morning delivered that same afternoon and afternoon orders delivered the next morning. Saturday and Sunday service is also offered, as customers require.
By adding a Club store, J.P. Maal and Co. will now be able to offer customers an opportunity to buy its premium quality goods in smaller quantities, at its always-reasonable prices.
When you add an imminent Internet presence at jpmaal.com and up-to-date personal computers interwoven with a mainframe for sales, ordering, and accounts receivable, it is easy to see why J.P. Maal has such a significant impact on the island.
The Company's vision statement demonstrates its commitment to success:

"We are importers and wholesellers distributing supreme quality goods. We meet the highest standards and represent world-leading brands covering the islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curašao since 1977".